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View personal CPF information and transactions for retirement, home ownership, healthcare, and more.

CPF overview

CPF empowers you to secure your life goals. Save for retirement, home ownership, and healthcare protection.

Growing your savings

For greater peace of mind in your golden years, CPF provides you with a strong foundation for retirement by helping you save for your retirement income, home ownership and healthcare needs.

Retirement income

Build a strong foundation for your retirement and get more from what you save in your golden years.

Home ownership

Owning a home can be affordable. Take care of your mortgage repayment, while protecting your retirement nest egg.

Healthcare financing

Learn how CPF can give you peace of mind to manage your basic healthcare sum and meet the costs of your healthcare needs.

Account services

Throughout your working life and in retirement, you can easily access your CPF account information using Singpass. To better manage your CPF savings, keep up with the latest news by having your contact details updated and subscribe to our email notifications.

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What are the CPF LIFE plans available and which is the right plan for me?

There are three CPF LIFE plans available – Escalating Plan, Standard Plan and Basic Plan. Deciding the kind of retirement lifestyle you want is key to choosing the right CPF LIFE plan for you.

If you are worried about things being more expensive as the years pass, then you need a retirement income that increases every year, which the Escalating Plan provides. Under the Escalating Plan, monthly payouts increase by 2% every year, to help protect you against rising prices. For more details, please refer to How does the CPF LIFE Escalating Plan work?

If you are willing to cope with rising prices over the years by buying less and living a more modest lifestyle, the Standard Plan provides level payouts. Payouts start higher than the Escalating Plan if you join with the same CPF LIFE premium, but will remain the same for the rest of your life and will eventually be lower than the Escalating Plan payouts. For more details, please refer to How does the CPF LIFE Standard Plan work?

If you don’t mind starting with lower monthly payouts which will be progressively lower later on, then the Basic Plan is good enough. The Basic Plan is a legacy plan carried over from the time CPF LIFE was first introduced in 2009. Unlike the Standard Plan that gives higher and level monthly payouts, the payouts under the Basic Plan are lower and will get progressively lower when your combined CPF balances eventually fall below $60,000. For more details, please refer to How does the CPF LIFE Basic Plan work?

In all three plans, you will enjoy payouts no matter how long you live, your premiums will enjoy attractive and risk-free CPF interest rates, and any remaining CPF LIFE premium balance will be given to your beneficiaries, together with your remaining CPF savings upon death. In other words, you and your loved ones will always get back the premium that you have put into CPF LIFE.