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Can I change my plan type after I have joined CPF LIFE?

You can request to change your CPF LIFE plan type within 30 days from the date of your first* policy letter. This request can be made via My Mailbox.

A change of CPF LIFE plan type beyond the 30 days grace period is possible if

1.       You are on a legacy plan (Basic, Balanced, Plus or Income Plan) and wish to change to the Escalating Plan or Standard Plan; or

2.       You wish to change from Standard to Escalating Plan

Otherwise, changing of CPF LIFE plan after the grace period is not allowed as this will affect the payouts of other members on the scheme.

As changing of CPF LIFE plan is irrevocable, we encourage you to consider your options carefully.

*The letter sent to you when your original CPF LIFE plan was first issued.