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If I am an undischarged bankrupt member, how do I sell my shares, property funds, bonds or Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) that I have purchased under CPF Investment Scheme (CPFIS) before I became a bankrupt?

If you have a trading account with a stockbroking firm that has been frozen due to your bankruptcy, you will have to reactivate your trading account to sell your investments. If you no longer have a trading account, you will need to open a new trading account with a stockbroking firm (PDF, 0.1MB) before you can sell your investments.

However, it is at the stockbroking firm's discretion whether they will allow an undischarged bankrupt to reactivate/open a trading account. To assist the stockbroking firm to consider your request favourably, you may wish to provide them with your latest CPFIS Statement from your agent bank which lists the investment holdings that you intend to sell.

You do not need to seek the CPF Board or Official Assignee's approval to sell the shares held in your CPF Investment Account.