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What are the member's obligations after the court order is issued, before and following the transfer of CPF savings in matrimonial proceedings?

The member is obliged to comply with the court order and shall not withdraw/transfer or attempt to withdraw/transfer any amount that the ex-spouse is entitled to under the court order.

Following the transfer of the member's CPF monies to the ex-spouse's CPF Account(s), the member will then be able to use his CPF monies subject to the applicable CPF laws and terms and conditions of the CPF scheme(s) he intends to participate in.

Loans or grants taken by the member which are repayable or refundable to the Government must be repaid or refunded first before the transfer of CPF monies can take place. Grants include housing grants from Housing and Development Board (HDB) and HOPE (Home Ownership Plus Education) from Ministry of Social and Family Development (MSF).