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What are the conditions that I have to meet before I can apply to waive the education loan repayment?

You may apply to waive the repayment of the education loan if you have met the following conditions:

  1. You are aged 55 and above; and
  2. You have set aside the Full Retirement Sum (FRS) in the Retirement Account. The FRS can be set aside fully with cash, or with cash (i.e. at least the Basic Retirement Sum) and property.

You can approach us to check whether you are able to waive the repayment if you are withdrawing some of your CPF savings under the Reduced Life Expectancy Scheme.

Please refer to this FAQ for more information on how the Retirement Sum is set aside at age 55.

If you have used your CPF savings for your own education and have met the waiver conditions, the Board will waive the repayment when you apply for withdrawal of your CPF savings. If you do not wish to withdraw your CPF savings but wish to waive the repayment of your CPF savings for your own education, you can apply to do so if you meet the waiver conditions.

If you have used your CPF savings for your child / spouse / sibling / relative's education, you will need to meet the waiver conditions to apply to waive the repayment.

You should only apply to waive repayment if you have no intention of continuing the use of your CPF savings for the student’s current course of study. Hence, if the student is still in midst of study, you have to first revoke the use of CPF savings for future payments for the student's current course before applying to waive repayment. Alternatively, you may submit your application to waive repayment after the student has completed his/her studies.        

Please note that the waiver will include the total CPF savings withdrawn and the interest that would have otherwise been earned had the savings not been withdrawn under the scheme. It does not include the amount that has already been repaid by the student and the amount used for the student's current course of study (if applicable). The waiver application once approved, is irrevocable.