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Is a guarantor required under the CPF Education Loan Scheme?

The need to provide a guarantor under the CPF Education Loan Scheme will depend on your citizenship.

You selected: Singapore Citizen or Singapore PR

Since 1 April 2005, we have removed the need for Singaporean students to provide a guarantor for applications to use CPF savings for education.

Existing guarantors for Singapore Citizens or Singapore Permanent Residents under the scheme will continue to assume the responsibility of a guarantor. However, a replacement guarantor is not required in the event the existing guarantor becomes ineligible, i.e. when he passes away, becomes physically or mentally incapacitated from ever continuing in any employment, or becomes an undischarged bankrupt.

The student, being the party who has enjoyed the benefit of using his own or another member's CPF savings for his education, is responsible for the repayment of the savings used.

However, we reserve the right to require you to provide a guarantor or other forms of guarantee on a case-by-case basis.

You selected: Foreign Student

Foreign students studying at an approved educational institution and are subsidised under the MOE Tuition Grant, can apply under the CPF Education Scheme. The foreign student will need to provide a guarantor for his application.

Upon the death or bankruptcy of the guarantor or if the guarantor is physically or mentally incapacitated from continuing in any employment, the member whose CPF savings have been used or the foreign student will need to notify the Board in writing and a new guarantor will need to be provided.