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If I have used my CPF savings to pay for my child's education, can I still use it for my other child/children?

You can use your CPF savings to pay the tuition fees for more than one child, as long as you have available withdrawal limit (AWL) for education in your Ordinary Account.

You can use your Ordinary Account (OA) savings up to the Available Withdrawal Limit under the CPF Education Loan Scheme. The Available Withdrawal Limit is either 40% of your accumulated OA savings1, or your remaining OA balance2, whichever is lower. The amount that can be used is also subject to the tuition fees payable.


If you are 55 years old or older, you need to set aside the Full Retirement Sum (FRS) in the Retirement Account before you can use the remaining savings in the OA up to the Available Withdrawal Limit. The FRS can be set aside fully with cash, or with cash (i.e. at least the Basic Retirement Sum) and property.


The Available Withdrawal Limit will change if there is a new withdrawal, repayment or refund in your OA. To check your Available Withdrawal Limit and its working details, you can log in to your Education dashboard with your Singpass.


Made up of your current OA balance plus any OA savings that were previously withdrawn for education and investment, excluding the amount used for housing

After setting aside any amounts reserved for housing or other schemes (if any).