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If I am a foreign student (not Singapore Citizen or Singapore Permanent Resident), can I apply under the CPF Education Loan Scheme?

Foreign students whose course of study at the approved educational institution is subsidised by the Ministry of Education (MOE) Tuition Grant, can apply under the CPF Education Loan Scheme.

You will need to provide a guarantor for your application. Please obtain the 'Application for Use of CPF savings under the Education Loan Scheme' (FORM AES/F1) from your institution and complete all parts of the form, including Part 4, where guarantor details are required.

You selected: If I do not wish to take up the MOE Tuition Grant, can I still apply under the CPF Education Loan Scheme?

CPF savings can only be used for fees that are subsidised by the Government through the Ministry of Education (MOE) Tuition Grant. You will not be able to use CPF savings to finance your tuition fees at the approved educational institutions under the scheme if you choose not to take up or is not eligible for the MOE Tuition Grant.