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How do I submit a request to start repaying the education loan earlier, instead of waiting one year from my graduation?

If you have graduated and wish to make an early repayment, you may either make your repayment via monthly instalments or lump sum repayment:

1. Monthly instalments - You have to inform us your intention to start early repayment of your education loan through My Mailbox using your Singpass. Please state the month which you would like to start the repayment and we will advise you on the monthly instalment amount.

After your request for early repayment has been approved, we recommend that you submit a GIRO application through my cpf Online Services – My Requests with your Singpass to deduct your monthly repayments through GIRO. You will be re-directed to DBS or OCBC’s ibanking portal to complete the application.

If you wish to apply for GIRO using other bank accounts, please download and submit the "Repay Education Loan Using GIRO" (FORM EDN GIRO/IBG)" (PDF, 0.4MB).

2. Lump sum repayment - You may proceed to make a partial or full lump sum repayment online via e-Cashier (PayNow).