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How do I pay for my education arrears?

You may make payment for your arrears through e-Cashier (PayNow). Please also check with your bank on your daily withdrawal limit. You may wish to arrange with your bank to increase your withdrawal limit if needed. 

If you are repaying your education loan by GIRO, please note that any arrears will not be deducted through GIRO and will have to be paid through e-Cashier as mentioned above.

You can check if you have outstanding arrears by accessing your Education dashboard.

For more information on education loan arrears and repayment crediting sequence, please refer to these FAQs:

  1. What are education loan arrears? Are there any penalties for non-payment of monthly instalments?
  2. Why do I still receive notifications from CPF Board regarding my education loan arrears even though I have made repayment via PayNow?
  3. What is the crediting sequence for my education loan repayments if I pay via PayNow?