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How do I make a repayment under the CPF Education Loan Scheme?

You can make repayment via GIRO or other modes of repayment approved by CPF Board. This can be made in either a lump sum or monthly instalments.

For monthly instalments, GIRO repayment is the most convenient and preferred mode of repayment as it automatically deducts the required amount each month. You may apply for GIRO online or by mail.

Online using my cpf (recommended)

  1. Log in with your Singpass.
  2. Submit a GIRO application via My Requests.


  1. Download and complete the FORM EDN/GIRO: Repay Education Loan Using GIRO (PDF, 0.4MB).
  2. Mail it to the address printed overleaf of the GIRO application form.

Online applications are recommended as it will generally be processed immediately. Log in with Singpass on the CPF website to check the GIRO application status under My Activities.

For lump sum repayment, you are encouraged to repay online at via 'e-Cashier'.

Please note that even if you make a partial lump sum repayment, you are still required to continue with your regular monthly repayments. This ensures that you are not late for your monthly repayment and fulfil the payment obligations. Do make your repayment for the required month at least three working days before the end of the month to ensure sufficient processing time.