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How do I apply to reserve my Ordinary Account (OA) savings, so that they will not be transferred to the Retirement Account and remain in the OA for my housing payments after I turn 55 years old?

If you want to reserve your Ordinary Account savings to pay for your existing property, please log on to my cpf Online Services using your Singpass, go to "My Requests" and select “Retirement (eg. Retirement Sum & Age 55 applications)”, then select "Decide on my CPF options for members reaching 55".

If you do not own a property, but plan to purchase one in the future, you can still reserve your OA savings by submitting your request via Write to us. You do not need to submit any documents now, but you must provide your Option to Purchase or Sale and Purchase Agreement separately after you have committed to a property purchase. If you have already committed to a property purchase, please attach a copy of your Option to Purchase or Sale and Purchase Agreement in your request.

Your request should reach the Board at least three weeks before your 55th birthday.

It is important to note that when you start receiving monthly payouts under CPF Life or the Retirement Sum Scheme, your reserved OA savings will be transferred to your Retirement Account if you have not set aside your Full Retirement Sum. This transfer will increase your Retirement Account savings and enhance your monthly payouts.