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How can I get back my title deed if I have fully redeemed my housing loan?

The procedure depends on the type of property you bought and the loan you took.

You will need to check with HDB directly on the title deed of your HDB flat.

You will need to check with your bank directly on the title deed of your HDB flat.

The Singapore Land Authority (SLA) will print and give you the title deed only if there are no outstanding mortgages, CPF charges, or other charges on the property. The CPF charge was created when you withdrew your CPF savings for the property to secure the refund of the principal amount withdrawn, including accrued interest, upon the sale of the property.


If there is still a CPF charge on the property, even if the mortgage and other charges are discharged, SLA will not print the title deed. Once the mortgage and/or other charges are discharged, you can liaise with SLA to obtain a copy of the title deed.