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When can I apply to be exempted from the Home Protection Scheme?

You may only apply to be exempted from Home Protection Scheme (HPS) after you have obtained legal ownership of your Housing & Development Board (HDB) flat and the housing loan for the property has been disbursed.

If you have refinanced your housing loan, you may only apply for HPS exemption after the refinancing is completed and the housing loan has been disbursed by the new mortgagee.

Please note that before applying for exemption, you need to apply for HPS first. This is to avoid any delay in commencing the use of your CPF Ordinary Account (OA) savings for your monthly housing instalments.

If you are successful in the exemption application, you will get a full premium refund into your (OA) provided that the exemption application is received (by the Board) within one month from the issuance of the HPS cover. Otherwise, a pro-rated refund will be credited to your OA upon the termination of your HPS cover.