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What types of property can be covered under the Home Protection Scheme?

Your eligibility for a Home Protection Scheme (HPS) cover depends on the type of property owned:

You are eligible to apply for an HPS cover if you own an HDB flat.

You are eligible to apply for an HPS cover if you bought your non-privatised HUDC flat before 1 November 1998.

Upon privatisation, HUDC flat will be categorised as private residential property and you will no longer be eligible for an HPS cover. The HPS cover will thus be terminated.

However, special concession has been made to allow you to continue your HPS coverage as long as you do not refinance your housing loan or there are no changes to ownership of your HUDC flat.

You are not eligible for an HPS cover as EC and private properties are not considered public housing.

You are encouraged to buy equivalent private insurance if you have outstanding housing loans on your EC or private property.