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What if I do not have enough savings in my CPF Ordinary Account to pay the annual premium for Home Protection Scheme?

If you do not have enough savings in your CPF Ordinary Account (OA) to pay the Home Protection Scheme (HPS) premium, we will notify you to make a cash top-up to your OA.

You will have a grace period of two months to pay the premium for your HPS policy. If you are still unable to pay the premium by the end of the grace period, your HPS cover will end.

You can pay your HPS premium shortfall via the following means:

  1. PayNow at CPF website, or
  2. Cash at any Singapore Post branch offices

You may wish to note that the HPS premium top-up, which is credited to your OA, is considered a voluntary contribution and is subject to the prevailing CPF Annual Limit.

If you have incoming working contributions that will be credited into your OA within the grace period and can cover your premium shortfall, you may choose not to take any action. We will deduct the shortfall from your new working contributions.

Alternatively, your family member (that is your spouse, parent, child or sibling) who co-owns the flat with you can authorise us to use their CPF OA savings to pay your HPS premium online using their Singpass.

Please note that your HPS cover will end if we are unable to deduct the premium by the end of the grace period.