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How can I apply for Home Protection Scheme exemption (HPS) using multiple private insurance policies from different insurers?

You may wish to approach your insurer or use the self-help tool (HPS exemption calculator) to determine if one or more of your private insurance policies is needed to cover your outstanding housing loan. Should one policy be sufficient to fully cover your outstanding housing loan, you may apply for HPS exemption using one policy through a single application.

If you require multiple policies from different insurers to cover your outstanding housing loan, you will need to submit an application for each insurer. Here is how you can go about it:

  • Approach the respective insurers to submit your applications concurrently. Please submit one application for each insurer.  
  • Attach the relevant supporting documents which show your current* housing loan details i.e. loan commencement date, balance loan amount, balance term of loan and the mortgage rate. These can generally be found on your housing loan statement. 

*Within six months from the date of your application for HPS exemption

Upon receipt of your application(s) and the necessary documents from your insurers declared in your application forms, we will assess your eligibility for exemption from HPS, and inform you of the outcome generally within five working days. Please note that your application would be rejected if we fail to receive all your applications from your insurers generally within seven calendar days from the date of receipt of the first application submitted by one of your insurers.