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How do I pay the Home Protection Scheme premium?

Home Protection Scheme (HPS) premium is automatically deducted from your CPF Ordinary Account (OA) annually.

You can check and view the deduction from your CPF account online using your Singpass. The deduction will also be shown in your Yearly Statement of Account.

If your OA balance is not enough to pay the premium, you will be notified to top up your OA within a grace period of two months. Your family member i.e. your spouse/parent/child/sibling, who co-owns the flat with you, can authorise us to use his/her OA savings to pay your premium shortfall.

The HPS premium is structured to be paid yearly so that the scheme remains viable and the premiums are kept affordable for all insured members.

HPS premiums can only be paid from the savings in CPF Ordinary Account (OA). The CPF Special Account (SA) savings are meant for members’ retirement needs as it may be the only source of funds that members can turn to for financing their living expenses in old age.