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How do I claim the Home Protection Scheme benefits?

A Home Protection Scheme claim can be made when a member passes away or suffers from terminal illness or total permanent disability. 

  • If member passes away

If an outstanding housing loan was insured by the deceased under the HPS, we will automatically assess the deceased’s claim eligibility once CPF Board is notified of the member’s death by the Immigration and Checkpoints Authority (ICA). 

CPF Board will inform the co-owner(s) or the next-of-kin of the outcome and if additional information is required. 

When the claim is approved, the outstanding loan will be paid directly to the mortgagee.

  • If member suffers from terminal illness or total permanent disability

For member’s convenience, CPF Board has developed a one-stop application form for you to apply for Home Protection Scheme (HPS) and Dependants’ Protection Scheme (DPS) benefits and withdraw your CPF savings, if applicable.

To do so, you will need to: 

  1. Submit an online application after logging in via Singpass. The application form will allow you to concurrently apply for both DPS benefits and withdraw of your CPF savings if applicable. 
  2. Download the medical certification form that is provided upon submission of the online application and have it completed by an accredited doctor. The medical institution will need to submit the completed medical certification to CPF Board within 90 days of your application. Otherwise, your application will be cancelled. 
  3. If you are claiming HPS benefits, you are required to inform your employer to submit your employment information to CPF Board for claim assessment purposes. A FormSG link will be provided to you upon submission of the online application for your employer to complete. Corppass login is required. 

After CPF Board receives the completed medical certification and employment information (for HPS claim, if required), you will receive an email or SMS notifying you that the application is in progress. CPF Board will notify you on the outcome of your withdrawal application and HPS claim while Great Eastern Life will notify you separately on your DPS claim outcome. 

If the medical certification is to be completed by a doctor from an overseas medical institution, please write to us for assistance. 

If you are mailing your documents from overseas, all documents (except for original documents) must be witnessed/certified true by an official of a Singapore Overseas Mission with his official seal/stamp duly affixed. 

Alternatively, if you are residing in a country which is part of the Apostille Convention.

  • Your documents must first be witnessed and certified true by a Notary Public.

Thereafter, the notarised documents must be certified by the designated Competent Authority of your country via the issuance of an apostille certificate.