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How do I claim the Home Protection Scheme benefits?

A Home Protection Scheme claim can be made when a member passes away or suffers from terminal illness or total permanent disability.

The family of the deceased can inform CPF Board of the passing by providing a copy of the death certificate and applying online using their Singpass. CPF Board will contact the family members if any other documents are required.

A member can make a claim by applying online using his Singpass.


Arrangements may be made for the member to be further examined by CPF Board's doctors to determine his eligibility to claim HPS benefits.

  1. A doctor's memorandum or medical report on the medical condition (dated not more than six months from claim application date).
  2. A letter from last employer showing the employment status or a letter on the cancellation of self-employed license.
  3. Any other documents to support the claim (e.g. claim forms from other insurance companies or police report on incapacity due to accidents, etc).