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How was I identified to pay my family member's MediShield Life premiums?

You had previously used your MediSave to help pay the insured’s medical expenses or health insurance premiums. To encourage family responsibility, we will notify family members that they can use their MediSave to help their family member with insufficient MediSave.  This makes it convenient for the majority of members who wish to help their family members pay their MediShield Life premiums. To date, more than 90% of family members approached have accepted the arrangement.

Family members who are identified as potential payers will be notified one month before premium deduction takes place. You may reject this payment arrangement by submitting "Stop Premium Payment for Dependant(s)' MediShield Life Cover" or call us at 1800-222-3399.

You can later decide to pay for your family member's MediShield Life premiums by submitting a "Change of Payer for MediShield Life Cover".