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Why is there a reduction in the MediSave withdrawal limit for daily hospital charges from $450 to $400 from the third day of hospitalisation?

The rebalanced MediSave withdrawal limits are designed to act in tandem with recent enhancements to MediShield Life to better support patients with short inpatient stays. As shown in the Table below, the total coverage under MediShield Life and MediSave for each additional day of stay has increased as a result of these changes, and patients who are covered under both schemes will not need to pay more cash for their hospitalisation bill.

Day  MSHL claim limit
   MSV withdrawal limit  Total
Previous  Current  Previous   Current  Previous  Current  
 1 $700 $1,000 $450 $550 $1,150 $1,550
 2 $700 $1,000 $450 $550 $1,150 $1,550
3 and beyond $700 per day $800 per day $450 per day $400 per day $1,150 per day $1,200 per day


MediSave withdrawal limits are designed to strike a balance between improving the affordability of current treatments, and ensuring that Singaporeans retain sufficient savings for their future needs. The rebalancing of MediSave withdrawal limits for daily hospital charges as shown above ensures that MediSave balances are not prematurely depleted.