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Why am I receiving digital notifications instead of the hardcopy MediSave transaction statement to inform me of a deduction from my MediSave?

As part of our commitment to protect members against fraudulent deductions and to reduce environmental footprint, we have transitioned to digital notifications to inform you of your MediSave deduction for medical expenses. You will receive notifications via one of the following modes: 

a. If your email address is registered with CPF Board, you will receive an email notification;
b. If you do not have an email address registered, but have a mobile number registered, you will receive an SMS notification.

If you have installed the CPF Mobile App and enabled push notifications, you will receive push notification alerts on your mobile phone as an additional notification.

These digital notifications will ensure that you are informed of any deductions made from your MediSave in a timely manner. If you wish to update your contact details, you may do so via the Account settings page on CPF website, after logging in with your Singpass.