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What if I need a treatment which is not on the Cancer Drug List (CDL), or is on the CDL but unsubsidised, and I cannot afford the treatment without insurance?

We encourage you to discuss with your doctor if there are suitable alternative treatments on the Cancer Drug List (CDL) that are subsidised and covered by insurance. However, if switching treatments is not feasible, there is support to help you if you face difficulty affording your treatment.

If you are a subsidised patient, you can approach a Medical Social Worker (MSW) in your public healthcare institution (PHI) for financial assistance such as MediFund. If you are a private patient, you can approach your doctor to refer you to a PHI for subsidised care. The PHI’s medical team will review your treatment plan and provide financial counselling (e.g., eligibility for subsidies) before you decide whether to transfer.

To help existing patients during this transition, MOH will provide additional financial support for all PHI patients without an Integrated Shield Plan (IP), and who had started treatments that are unsubsidised or not on the CDL before 1 September 2022. Insurers, on their part, will continue their current coverage until 30 September 2023 for patients with IP that are being renewed between 1 April 2023 and 30 September 2023, and who are on a course of cancer drug treatment as of 31 March 2023.