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I do not have enough MediSave to pay for my hospitalisation expenses. Are there other ways to pay for it?

If you do not have sufficient MediSave for your hospitalisation expenses, you may consider tapping on one or more of your approved dependants' MediSave. Approved dependants refer to your spouse, children, parents, grandchildren and siblings. You must be a Singapore Citizen or Permanent Resident if you wish to tap on your grandchildren or sibling's MediSave. 

It is important to note that while you can tap on your approved dependants' MediSave, the amount you can use is still subject to the MediSave withdrawal limits, which is applied on a per hospitalisation episode basis. If you still have outstanding hospitalisation expenses after using up to the MediSave withdrawal limit, you would have to pay the remainder in cash.

Alternatively, you or your approved dependants may use future MediSave contributions to pay for the outstanding hospitalisation bill if: 

  1. The payer's  MediSave Account is active (MediSave contributions received within the past three months); and
  2. The patient stayed in a B2 or C ward in a public hospital

You must apply to the hospital on the day of or before you are discharged. This is not allowed for outpatient treatments.

For more information, please speak to the staff at the hospital's Business Office.

You should use your MediSave prudently to provide for your own and your approved dependant's  hospitalisation needs. This is because you may require more medical care in your old age.