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If I have used up other MediSave limits - for example, for scans or for cancer drug treatment, can I use Flexi-MediSave to pay?

If you are already using MediSave to pay for outpatient treatment but have reached your withdrawal limit, you can use Flexi-MediSave to further lower your cash payment, provided that treatment was sought at a polyclinic, public specialist outpatient clinic or general practitioner clinic participating in the Community Health Assist Scheme (CHAS).

Flexi-MediSave cannot be used for cancer drug treatments using cancer drugs that are not on the Cancer Drug List.

However, as Flexi-MediSave covers a much wider range of outpatient treatments than other limits, you may want to save the use of your Flexi-MediSave for treatments that are not already covered by MediSave so as to lower your total cash payments.