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How can I apply for reimbursements for my MediSave and MediShield Life?

If you have utilised your MediSave and/or MediShield Life for medical expenses, and your employer or insurer has contractual obligations to reimburse you for your medical expenses, please approach them to find out how they can reimburse to your MediSave and MediShield Life.

Most employers and/or insurers will require one or more of the following supporting documents before they reimburse to your MediSave and MediShield Life: 

i. Your finalised medical bill, which should show the breakdown of the bill and the source of payment i.e. payment made by cash, MediSave, Integrated Shield Plan or MediShield Life.

ii. MediSave/MediShield Life claims statement, which can be accessed online, for members with Singpass:

    1.  Login to your Healthcare dashboard under my cpf digital services with your Singpass

   2. Proceed to 'Latest healthcare payments and claims'  to view the recent transactions or click on 'View past 15 months' for more transactions. 

For claims with reimbursement, you will see the message "You have been reimbursed for this claim. View details". Click 'View details' to view the reimbursement details. 

iii. Hardcopy MediSave transaction statement, which is sent weekly to members who have used their MediSave to pay for medical expenses, for members without Singpass.

The “Hospital Registration Number” (HRN) found in the "Healthcare payments and claims" statement and the MediSave transaction statement will help your employer/insurer to identify the claim to be reimbursed. The HRN is a 13-character alphanumeric registration number that looks like this: 522016A02QL6E.