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Can I use my MediSave for overseas treatment/hospitalisation?

Use of MediSave for Overseas Treatment - Elective

Patients who are Singaporeans (SC) or Permanent Residents (PR) may use their own or their approved dependants’ MediSave for overseas elective treatments. Approved dependants refer to spouses, children, parents, siblings and/or grandchildren.

Patients will need a referral from MediSave-accredited healthcare provider, Health Management International (HMI), if they wish to use MediSave to pay for the medical bill.  The patient can contact HMI at 6322 6333 to check if they have affiliated hospital(s) in the country where they wish to receive treatment.

Use of MediSave for Overseas Treatment - Medical Emergency/Treatment not Available in Singapore

MediSave is primarily meant to help Singaporeans and Permanent Residents pay for their major inpatient hospitalisation expenses and selected outpatient expenses locally. When travelling overseas, CPF members should consider purchasing travel insurance to protect against the risk of incurring unforeseen medical expenses.

Requests to use MediSave for overseas emergency treatments will be considered on a case-by-case basis if the following conditions are first fulfilled:

  1. The patient must be a Singapore Citizen (SC) or Permanent Resident (PR) of Singapore (Please note that the patient may appeal to use his/ her or their approved dependants’ MediSave to pay for their own overseas hospitalisations. Approved dependants refer to a member’s spouse, children, parents, siblings and/or grandparents.); and
  2. The use of MediSave is only limited to inpatient admission that exceeds a minimum of eight hours or day surgery, which has been assessed to be a medical emergency by our Medical Advisors. It cannot be used for outpatient treatments.

If the above conditions are fufilled, please email your request and the following supporting documents to the Ministry of Health (MOH) at

  1. Original copy (Certified true copy by Hospital is accepted) of the patient's medical records - Discharge summary, operation notes (if any) or clinical notes showing the history, diagnosis and treatment plan for the patient.
  2. Original copy (Certified true copy by Hospital is accepted) of the final hospital bill for the patient.
  3. Passport information - showing passport holder and the entry/departure of the foreign country.
  4. Completed Medical Claims Authorisation Form (MCAF), to authorise the use of MediSave upon an approval. You may find a copy of the MCAF on the MOH website.
  5. NRIC – Front and back copy belonging to patient and MediSave payer (if applicable).

The above documents must be in English, or be officially translated into English.

Should your request be approved by MOH, CPF Board will process the MediSave deduction and pay the money to the MediSave payer’s bank account as maintained in CPF Board’s records. The MediSave payer may confirm or update his/her bank account via my cpf digital services – Account settings.