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Are there measures in place to help patients suffering from chronic diseases if the new MediSave withdrawal limits are still insufficient?

The Government has been significantly increasing support for patients with chronic conditions. Taken together, the limits will be adequate for the large majority of patients.

  • From November 2019, the new CHAS Green extended CHAS subsidies in GPs to all Singaporeans for chronic conditions, regardless of income. Complex chronic subsidies for CHAS Orange and Blue were also raised.
  • The Merdeka Generation Package provides additional CHAS subsidies for chronic care in GPs, and additional subsidies in SOCs and Polyclinics.
  • Flexi-MediSave eligible age was lowered to 60.

Needy patients who face difficulties with their subsidised medical bills with the new limits in place, may approach their medical institutions for more advice. For example, they may be able to apply for more financial support through MediFund.