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Can I withdraw my MediSave in cash?

MediSave is primarily designed to help Singaporeans save up during their working years for their healthcare needs in old age. Generally, MediSave cannot be withdrawn in cash and are instead paid directly to MediSave-accredited medical institutions for approved medical treatments.

However, under MediSave Care, severely disabled Singaporeans aged 30 and above may withdraw up to $200 per month in cash from their own and/or their spouse’s MediSave account(s). This is because long-term care needs vary significantly across such individuals, and cash withdrawals will provide patients and their caregivers the flexibility to decide on their desired care arrangements and long-term care services. You may refer to AIC’s website and our FAQs for more details on MediSave Care.

The Ministry of Health (MOH) will continue to review their financing policies to ensure that care remains affordable for our citizens, while MediSave balances are not depleted prematurely.