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How can I view and pay my/my dependant(s)'s CareShield Life/ElderShield and MediShield Life premiums?

You can log in to your Healthcare dashboard to view your/your dependant(s)’s CareShield Life/ ElderShield and MediShield Life coverage information under the “Long-term care insurance” and “Health insurance” section respectively.

You can pay the premiums by:

1) Asking a family member to perform a Change of Payer to take over the premium payment using his/her MediSave.

2) Performing a voluntary top-up to your/your dependant(s)’s MediSave Account via e-Cashier by selecting “Contribute to My MediSave”.

MediSave top-ups are generally credited within 3 working days. You can view the MediSave top-up(s) and or premium deduction(s) in your/your dependent(s)’s Transaction history at

Please note that MediSave top-ups could be deducted for healthcare premiums and medical expenses based on when deductions were due. Please ensure that you have sufficient MediSave for all payments.

More payment options are available in the link below: 

I have renounced my citizenship/am residing overseas with no local bank account. How do I pay my outstanding MediShield Life premiums?