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How can I check if I am covered by ElderShield?

You can check for your ElderShield or Supplement coverage through the CPF Board’s website. The steps are as follows:

a. Visit the CPF website.

b. Log in using your Singpass.

c. Hover over “my cpf” and click on “Healthcare” under "My dashboards". 

d. Click on “Long-term care insurance” on the anchor links or scroll down to the “Long-term care insurance” section.

If you are covered under ElderShield, this section will inform you of the ElderShield Plan that you are covered under, i.e. ElderShield 300 or ElderShield 400.

If you are not covered under CareShield Life/ElderShield, this section will inform you that you are not covered under CareShield Life/ElderShield.