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What is the Basic Healthcare Sum?

The Basic Healthcare Sum (BHS) is the estimated savings you need in your MediSave Account for your basic subsidised healthcare needs in old age.

For CPF members below age 65, the BHS will be adjusted annually to keep pace with the expected growth in MediSave use by the elderly. This ensures that the BHS will stay relevant for each cohort when they arrive at retirement age.

Once CPF members reach age 65, their BHS will be fixed for the rest of their lives.
For CPF members aged below 65 in 2022
The prevailing BHS is $66,000, and will be adjusted yearly.

For CPF members who turn 65 in 2022
The cohort BHS is $66,000 and it will remain fixed for the rest of their lives.

The following table summarises the BHS for respective cohorts aged 65 and above in 2022:

Age in 2022

Year when cohort turned age 65

Cohort BHS

(fixed for life)



















71 and above

2016 or earlier



4 things to know about the Basic Healthcare Sum