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How can I top up to myself, my children or my loved ones’ three CPF Accounts (Ordinary, Special and MediSave accounts)?

You can make a one-time top up via e-Cashier using PayNow QR1.

 If you are making a top-up on behalf of your children or your loved ones, please ensure that you are not logged in to your CPF Account. Please key in the recipient's NRIC as the Payer at e-Cashier and make the payment via PayNow QR.

You are encouraged to make top-ups early. All applications and payments should reach CPF Board by 31st December of the year for it to be counted as the year’s CPF Annual Limit. Backdating of top-ups to previous years is not allowed.

Please note that no tax relief is given for top-ups made to three CPF Accounts.

If you are making top-ups as a self-employed person*, you can refer to the Self-Employed Scheme for more information.

You can find out more on which voluntary top-up is applicable to you.

1Subsequent or duplicate payments made using the same PayNow QR code will be refunded. To ensure that your cash top-ups are processed successfully, please only scan the PayNow QR code and make payment once. You will need to submit a new application each time you wish to make another top-up

*With effect from 29 May 2024, the member and self-employed person’s “Contribute to my three CPF Accounts” forms in e-Cashier will be combined and renamed as “Top up CPF accounts”. This is to simplify the process for all members making top-ups, regardless of whether you are earning income as a self-employed person.

Self-employed persons making top ups to your three CPF accounts or on another person’s behalf are required to be up-to-date with your MediSave payable (paid in full or on an active GIRO plan). You may make payment for your MediSave payable via the payment modes listed here.

Self-employed persons who meet the eligibility criteria will enjoy self-employed tax relief. However, the contributions allocated to your MediSave Account cannot be used to offset your MediSave payable (if any).