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How do I check my voluntary top-up limit to my CPF accounts?

When you make a cash top-up online, you will be shown the amount of top-up you can receive before you reach the top-up limit.

You can follow these steps to check how much you can top up to your CPF accounts:

  •        Go to the Top up CPF accounts form
  •        Log in with your Singpass
  •        Select “I wish to make a top-up to Myself” under “Recipient details”

Your top-up limit will then be displayed.

If the total mandatory CPF contributions and voluntary top-ups exceed the CPF Annual Limit in the calendar year, the excess voluntary top-ups will be refunded without interest the following year. Therefore, do remember to consider your mandatory CPF contributions which you will be receiving for the calendar year, before making voluntary top-ups.

If you are making a top-up on another person’s behalf, please check with your recipient directly on the amount he can receive.