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I am not a self-employed person. Why did I receive a Notice of Computation (NOC) from IRAS?

You are registered as a self-employed in our records as the Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore (IRAS) had transmitted your net trade income to the Board, under your occupation as a Commission Agent. Examples of Commission Agents are Property Agents, Insurance Agents, Multi-Level Marketing Members, etc. Please note that if you are receiving commission for your services, you are considered a self-employed person (SEP).

SEPs will receive a Notice of Computation (NOC) from IRAS informing them of the MediSave payable (if any), after IRAS has completed the income assessment for the year.

If you disagree/require further clarification on the assessed income by IRAS, you can email them through the secured MyTax Mail. Should IRAS re-classify your income, your self-employed status and MediSave payable (if any) will also be updated accordingly.