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Do I still have to contribute to my MediSave if I am both a self-employed person as well as an employee working in another company?

If you earn an annual net trade income of more than $6,000, you are required to contribute to your MediSave Account as a self-employed person (SEP).

CPF contribution is based on your total income. Therefore, an SEP who is also an employee at the same time, is required to contribute to MediSave as an SEP. This is the same for employees who hold more than one job and are required to pay CPF contributions for all the wages they receive. 

However, you can apply to limit the MediSave payable on your self-employed income if your total employment income (excluding Additional Wages*) for the year exceeds the maximum total annual income. You may refer to this FAQ for more information on the conditions for this application.

*Additional Wages are wage supplements which are not granted wholly and exclusively for the month. Examples are the annual bonus, leave pay, incentive and other payments made at intervals of more than a month.

To limit your MediSave contributions, you may write to us via our Online Enquiry Form or My Mailbox using your Singpass.