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As a self-employed person, can I make voluntary top-ups to the Ordinary and Special accounts?

As a self-employed person, you can make voluntary top-ups to your three CPF accounts. The voluntary top-ups will be apportioned and credited to your Ordinary, Special and MediSave accounts. Please refer to the CPF Contribution Calculator for more details. 

The total voluntary and mandatory contributions made for the calendar year should not exceed the current CPF Annual Limit. The Board must receive the voluntary top-ups by the last working day of the year for it to be counted towards the year’s CPF Annual Limit. Backdating of voluntary top-ups to previous years is not allowed.

Once your mandatory and voluntary contributions reach the current CPF Annual Limit, no further voluntary top-ups can be made. Any voluntary top-ups made in excess of the CPF Annual Limit will be refunded without interest.