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Are CPF contributions payable on the National Service (NS) make-up pay when I am away from work for NS training?

Your employer should continue to pay CPF contributions on the total wages payable to you, which is inclusive of your NS make-up pay.


Tim earns a basic salary of $2,000 and an average overtime pay of $800 every month. He went on NS training for one week in July.

Pro-rated basic salary given by employer


Overtime pay given by employer


Make-up pay given by MINDEF/SCDF/SPF (including variable wage components like overtime pay and commission)


(consists of $500 for the loss in basic salary and $200 for loss in overtime pay)

Total Wages for July


Tim’s employer will have to pay CPF contributions on his total wages of $2,800, inclusive of the NS make-up pay. The employee’s share of CPF contributions will also be based on the total wages of $2,800, and Tim’s employer is entitled to recover this from Tim’s wages.