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When should I submit my application for my top-up to be processed within the same month?

If you are making a cash top-up

Both your application and payment should be made by the following timings:

Payment mode

When payment should be made

PayNow QR


Within last day of the month


OCBC Digital (available for applications via CPF Mobile app only)

Online GIRO

Your GIRO instruction will take effect in the same month If you submit both:

  • GIRO application; and 
  • Standing Instruction

within the first seven days of the month.

To have your cash top-up processed quickly, we encourage payment via PayNow QR or OCBC Digital. Your cash top-up will generally be credited almost instantly upon successful payment.

If you are making a CPF transfer

You should submit your application before the 5th last working day of the month.