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What supporting documents would I need if I’m making a first-time CPF transfer to my loved ones?

You would need to submit the following documents for first-time transfers to your loved ones via My Mailbox.

Supporting documents are not required for cash top-ups. 

CPF transfer to

Supporting documents


Marriage certificate, if your marriage is registered overseas


Your birth certificate


Your and your parent(s)’s birth certificates


Your and your sibling(s)’s birth certificates


Your overseas marriage certificate* and your spouse’s birth certificate 


Your overseas marriage certificate, your spouse’s and your spouse’s parent(s)’s birth certificates

*Not required if your marriage is registered in Singapore

Steps to submit the documents via My Mailbox

  1. Login to with your Singpass
  2. At the top of the page, click "+New Enquiry" to begin
  3. Select "Retirement/ Ages 55 and Above/ Top-ups" for Subject 
  4. Select "General Enquiry - Retirement" for Category
  5. Attach your documents and key in your request in the Message field
  6. Click on "Submit" to confirm your enquiry