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What are the differences between topping up my retirement savings, making a Voluntary Housing Refund and topping up my MediSave Account?

Find out what are the differences between the various types of top-ups below:

Topping up your retirement savings

Voluntary Housing Refund

Topping up MediSave Account (MA)

Top up/refund to

  • Special Account (SA) for members below 55; or
  • Retirement Account (RA) for members 55 or above.
  • OA; and/or
  • RA for members 55 or above and have not met their Full Retirement Sum (FRS) in their RA.
  • MA 


interest ratep.a.

  • SA: 4.04%
  • RA: 4%
  • OA: 2.5%
  • RA: 4%
  • MA: 4.04%


Eligibility for tax relief

You can enjoy tax relief if you made cash top-ups to yourself or your loved ones up to the current FRS.


However, please note that tax relief won't apply if you made a CPF transfer.

You will not be eligible for tax relief.

For non self-employed persons:

  • You get to enjoy tax relief for voluntary top-ups to MediSave.

For self-employed persons:

  • You will also enjoy tax relief if you are topping up your CPF accounts voluntarily. Find out more on the IRAS website.

Top-up limit

What is the maximum amount of top-ups a member can receive?


If you are below 55, you may top up your SA up to the current FRS.


If you are 55 or above, you may top up your RA up to the current Enhanced Retirement Sum.


You can check your top-up limit in your Retirement Dashboard.


How much voluntary housing refund can I make?



You can make a refund of any amount, capped at the full principal amount you have withdrawn for the property, along with the accrued interest.


You may check the amount that you can refund through  the Home ownership dashboard.


Do note that after making a full voluntary housing refund of the CPF savings withdrawn and accrued interest, all CPF withdrawals including monthly housing loan instalments (if any) for the property will stop.

What is the voluntary top-up limit to my MediSave Account?




The maximum amount you can voluntarily top up to your MediSave Account is the difference between your Basic Healthcare Sum (BHS) and your current MediSave balance. Once your BHS has been reached, no further voluntary top-ups can be made to your MediSave Account. If you exceed your BHS from the top-up, the full amount of your top-up will be refunded to you.


You can check your top-up limit with these steps.


Top-ups are meant to boost your retirement income. They will be streamed out to you as monthly payouts and cannot be used for other purposes.



You can continue to use your OA savings for the current or next property after making a voluntary housing refund.


However, if you would like to use your OA for the same property, after making a voluntary refund of the full principal amount used and the accrued interest, you will need to re-apply to use your CPF savings.


After turning 55 and setting aside the FRS, you can withdraw the remaining balance in your OA and SA in full or in part at any time.

From 55, you can make retirement withdrawals from your OA and SA in full or in part, at any time for your immediate needs, provided you have set aside your FRS.


MA savings are meant for your healthcare needs and cannot be withdrawn as cash.


Top-ups can be made using cash and/or CPF transfers.


How do I apply to make a top-up?


Refund can only be made via cash.


I am not selling my property. How can I make a voluntary refund of the housing amount withdrawn?

Top-ups can only be made via cash.


How can I top up my, my children or my loved ones’ CPF Account(s)?