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How long does it take for my GIRO arrangement for my top-up to take effect?

Please refer to the table for our service standard for processing GIRO arrangement for top-ups:

Type of application

Service Standard


Deduction and crediting

Online GIRO application (DBS/POSB or OCBC bank users)
  • Your GIRO application will be processed almost instantly.
  • Your GIRO instruction will take effect in the same month If you submit both:
    • GIRO application; and 
    • Standing Instruction

within the first seven days of the month.

  • We will deduct the monies from your bank account on the 15th of the month (or the next working day if 15th falls on a Saturday, Sunday or Public Holiday).
  • Your top-up will be credited within seven working days after we receive your payment.

Note: Ensure that you maintain sufficient funds in your bank account for GIRO deductions. Some banks may charge an administrative fee for each unsuccessful deduction.


Hardcopy GIRO application (Other bank users)

  • Your GIRO application will be processed within 21 working days after we receive your application.
  • Your GIRO arrangement will take effect from the following month after your application is processed.