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I have received a notification on topping up my and/or my loved ones’ retirement savings. How do I know that this notification is indeed sent by CPF Board?

To ensure that the notification you received is sent by CPF Board, you should do the following checks:

  1. Confirm that the sender's email address is correctly spelt and ends with or
  2. Verify that the sender's ID for SMS is correctly displayed as "CPF Board"
  3. Ensure that the domain links in the notification end with "", which directs you to the official CPF website.
  4. Examine the content of the notifications for any indications of phishing, such as urgent language, threats or requests for personal information. If you are unsure about the legitimacy of the notification, do not provide any personal information or click on any links.

The Board will only send digital notifications to the email address registered in our records. You may verify or update your contact details in CPF Account settings with your Singpass.

If you receive any suspicious calls or digital notifications that seem to be spoofing the CPF Board, please report them to us via our CPF official hotline or Writetous.

Additionally, you can refer to resources provided by CPF Board for more information on how to avoid falling prey to phishing scams and how to protect yourself from phishing links.