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Do I need to claim tax relief for my cash top-up?

No, you do not need to claim tax relief for your cash top-up as we will automatically inform IRAS if you are eligible.

Only members who make cash top-ups are eligible for tax relief.  If you make cash top-ups to your loved ones, please note that tax relief does not apply to your recipients.  

If you are making cash top-ups for a spouse or sibling, please select whether you wish to claim tax relief in the application form. You will only be eligible for the tax relief if the recipient's income in the previous year does not exceed $4,000 or if the recipient is handicapped^. In this instance, income would include income from bank interest, dividend and pension, investment income/rental income/directorship income. An example of a handicapped person is someone with visual-impairment, loss of hearing, loss of limb and dementia.

^This refers to people who are incapacitated because of physical or mental infirmity.