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What is a Unit Trust (UT)?

Under the CPF Investment Scheme, you can invest in various Unit Trusts (UTs).

A UT is an investment fund managed by a professional investment manager. It consists of investments in one or more of the three basic asset classes — cash, bonds and stocks. The combination of assets for each UT is determined by the investment objective of the particular UT.

For information on the investment objectives of the various UTs, please contact the relevant investment managers. They will be able to provide you with the prospectus and fact sheet for the UT. Alternatively, you may visit the Fund Singapore website, which provides comprehensive information about UTs (and investment-linked life insurance products) available in Singapore.

UTs offer investors a cost-efficient way to diversify or spread their investments. As the savings of individual investors are pooled into a UT, the UT can buy a greater variety of investments than is possible for an individual investor, thus making greater diversification possible. UTs may also allow you to access markets and investments which you may not be able to access through direct personal investment.