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What are the different evaluation factors for admission into CPF Investment Scheme (CPFIS) under the old and new entry criteria?

New funds will continue to be evaluated according to existing evaluation factors. However, new funds will have to meet a higher benchmark, and henceforth funds admitted to CPF Investment Scheme will be among the top 25 percentile of funds. In addition, new funds will have to meet an expense ratio criterion pegged at the median of all funds in the same risk class. New funds should preferably also have a track record of at least 3-years.

The specific aspects of the investment process that are looked at during the evaluation process for Unit Trusts and Investment-Linked Insurance Policies include the following:


  • Investment Philosophy;
  • Key Decision Makers;
  • Research and Analysis;
  • Portfolio Construction;
  • Implementation/Trading; and
  • Past Performance.