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How do I check how much CPF I can invest?
To check how much you can invest, you can view your CPF Statement by:
  • logging in to my cpf digital services with your Singpass > Select my cpf > My dashboards > Investment
  • accessing the 'CPF Mobile' app with your Singpass, or 
  • visiting any CPF Service Centres personally with your identity card.
Your stock and gold limits will be updated on the 11th of every month, based on your previous month-end balances. The limits will be updated on the 12th, if the 10th is a Sunday/Public Holiday.

If you would like to know your limits based on your current balances, please contact the Board for an ad-hoc update of your limits. Please only proceed to invest after receiving our confirmation on the updated limits, which will be sent within two working days from the date of your request.

For further details, please refer to this example (PDF, 66KB).

Note: Before you commit to an investment, you should consider the other transactions that may affect your Ordinary Account and Special Account balances (e.g. outstanding investment transactions, monthly housing instalments, lump-sum housing payments, etc) as they could change your amount available for investment. Should you invest beyond your current limits, you will not be able to use your CPF monies to settle your trade. You may then have to settle the trade using cash and incur additional transaction fees.