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What if I do not wish to participate in Contribute-As-You-Earn (CAYE)?

Self-employed persons (SEPs) who have completed a job with Government agencies will be automatically enrolled into CAYE. CAYE will not apply to SEPs who completed jobs with the private sector.

The CAYE scheme helps SEPs save for their healthcare needs through smaller and more regular MediSave contributions each time they receive a service payment. This helps to reduce the MediSave payable in the following year (after SEPs declare their Net Trade Income and have their MediSave payable computed). CAYE will help with the upkeep of current MediSave obligations and prevent snowballing of the payable.

You can choose to set your CAYE contribution rate to 0% if you’ve made your MediSave contributions in full or are on GIRO instalment plan.

If you’re in financial hardship and unable to set aside monies for your CAYE contributions, you may write to us. We will assess your request and inform you of the outcome in writing.