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What happens if the MediSave contributions I made via Contribute-As-You-Earn (CAYE) are lower than my MediSave payable for the year?

If your total CAYE contributions are lower than your MediSave payable for the latest year, you will be required to top up the remaining amount. You’ll be notified accordingly, and you can choose to make payment via a lump-sum payment(s) or sign up for monthly GIRO instalments.


Based on his estimated income of $21,000 for 2023, Sam contributed $2,100 via CAYE. In the following year, he declared that he earned a higher NTI of $30,000 for 2023. As such, Sam’s MediSave payable for his work done in 2023 is $3,000. Sam will have to top up the shortfall of $900.

This example is illustrated within the table below:


Estimated 2023 NTI


CAYE contributions in 2023


(After 2023 NTI declaration)

Declared 2023 NTI


MediSave payable for work done in 2023


Shortfall Sam has to top up


(i.e. $3,000 - $2,100)