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What test results would I receive when I use CPF Board’s email receiver checker utility tool?

After you use CPF Board’s email receiver checker utility tool (beta version), your test notification results would be sent to your email inbox. The utility tool will attempt to send two emails to your email address. Everyone who uses the tool would receive a first email notification. Only those whose email domain is not Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting & Conformance (DMARC)-compliant would receive a second notification. If you receive the second notification, we recommend that you switch to a DMARC-compliant email provider or request your current email provider to implement DMARC.

You can expect to receive the test notification results in your email inbox soon after you perform the test.

If you find that the results have not reached your inbox, please check your mailbox size and spam folder. It may be possible that your mailbox is full in your Inbox*, or that your email service provider has treated the test notification as spam due to certain words in the content.

*Note: For email providers which are DMARC-compliant but which enforce its own email policies that override the sender’s DMARC policies (e.g. Hotmail and Outlook), you would receive the second notification email (indicating DMARC non-compliance) in the spam/junk folder.